If you didn't know, Image One Camera offers classes and workshops for almost every kind of product or service we offer.

But did you also know that we work with famous people?! Robert Fletcher, a veteran photographer is one of the most if not the best wedding photographer we have see in a long time, and his unique portrait style, and images have been featured from around the globe. 

Robert (Bob) Fletcher is now sharing his expertise and leading the path for a new generation of professional photographers who want to learn the exciting world of everything photography related. 

We are proud to support him and provide you, our loyal customers the resources you need in order to fulfill your passion and become the best... like Bob!

If you missed it, we have a few submitted photographs of Bob's last class below. and don't forget to register for future classes with Bob HERE.

Images from the Ambient Light Speedlite Photo Walk

Special Thanks to Erica Franco - Model

Images from John Livingston Images from Lourdes Garrison

Images from Scott Heath

Images from Owens Owens

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