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Buy Back Event

That's right we will buy your old and used equipment form you during our next Buy-Back-Event. 

Image One Buy Back Event

You could receive an additional 15% on qualified buy back products to us e towards your NEW Trade-Up equipment. Or you can trade in for an Image One Gift Card to be used immediately or on a later date.  *Restrictions May Apply!

*Be advised that not all equipment qualifies for or will be accepted, bought purchased or used for trade-in, trade-up or Image One Gift Card value. All items will be inspected and tested prior to purchase (buy-back). Damaged, broken or defected items may be declined at our discretion.  

a maximum of up to 15% may be awarded for items we purchase but not guaranteed. 

Funds may be limited during time of the event and is on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to refuse, deny, discard any product we determine is unqualified for purchase and make no assumptions or guarantees to buy, purchase, trade-in or trade-up your equipment. 

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