Digital cameras fall into several overlapping categories, which are usually defined by a number of features. Specifications that define a category change over time. However, the categories themselves have remained fairly constant in terms of who uses them and how:

Professional models: These high-end models (like the one in this figure) are the equal of their film camera counterparts in every way.

Prosumer dSLR models: Prosumer digital SLR cameras (see this figure) are the models that photo buffs and even a few professional photographers favor.

Advanced consumer models: These cameras (like the one in this figure) are aimed at those who want some special features.

Intermediate models: Intermediate digital cameras (see this figure) are the most widely used. They have the best compromise of features to suit most consumer needs.

Point-and-shoot models: Point-and-shoot digital cameras can do anything a simple film camera can do. This figure shows a typical point-and-shoot model.

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