Learn About Drones Beginners Class-101

Learn About Drones Beginners Class-101

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Drones 101 is an introductory series to multi-copters (helicopter with multiple motors) and how they operate. In this inaugural episode, we delve into the different types of drones and the components that make them up.

We cover the purpose of cameras in drones and the distinction between their uses in filming drones and racing drones—which we believe is the biggest public misconception. We also cover the different parts that make them fly, some of the different options you get when it comes to purchasing them, and some specific terminology that can get glossed over in some hobby websites. 

Our goal with Drones 101 is to lower the barrier to entry and make you more confident getting behind the sticks of your first transmitter (controller), and eventually ready for your maiden flight. Hopefully, after the five minutes, you walk away with a better understanding of drones.

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