Skb - 19x14x8 - Cube Foam Medium Case
Skb - 19x14x8 - Cube Foam Medium Case

Skb - 19x14x8 - Cube Foam Medium Case

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Every photographer or videographer’s setup is different. That’s why most hardshell case companies create camera cases with “Pick-and-Pluck” (cubed) foam interiors so customers can customize their cases to fit their gear. However, the reality is that cubed foam interiors can break down over time, and the resulting foam dust isn’t friendly to sensitive camera parts and lenses. Camera case customers would never think to buy a camera bag or backpack with this type of foam interior, so why do hardshell case companies think this is an appropriate solution?

In addition to being the only case company to offer a variety of high-quality PE foam specifically cut for photo and video products, SKB provides padded dividers as an alternative to cubed foam in our camera cases. But we knew these dividers could be improved upon. After all, building tough-as-nails hardshell cases is our specialty—developing superior camera case interiors is someone else’s. And we’re proud to say we’ve teamed up with the best in the business to make sure we could deliver the ultimate in camera and video transport solutions available today.

Think Tank Photo, the premier photo/video bag, and backpack company, provided their expertise to help us design several quality interiors that combine the best of both worlds: soft case adaptability with the unparalleled strength and durability people expect from SKB’s versatile watertight, airline-tough iSeries cases. You’ll see the results of this exceptional collaboration on the upcoming pages. With the design and manufacturing help of Think Thank Photo, SKB will expand an entire series of products under the Photo Flyer Series including dividers designed specifically for photographers and videographers, lid organizers that are perfect for storing tablets, laptops, and other accessories, as well as a bunch of game-changing innovations yet to come.

We understand that securely transporting expensive, sensitive, and highly customized gear is the number one priority for every pro photographer and videographer. With Think Tank’s collaboration, we’re confident we’ve developed the perfect solution—and we think you’ll agree. Travel confidently with your SKB case.

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